Rooted in a practice of compassionate listening, as well as cutting edge research into leadership, conflict, implicit bias and equity, our training and leadership programs teach skills to help you become better listeners, curious questioners and more self-aware communicators.

Leadership Consulting + Coaching

Wicked Bridges provides comprehensive consulting and coaching services to nonprofit, for-profit, and government leaders, including executives and human resources teams.

We train your team to learn to resolve issues related to bias, retention, inclusion, employment, collaboration, networking, shared values, poverty, and social determinants of health. Whether in a one-time, limited engagement or for an ongoing relationship, we’ll walk alongside your leaders to help them evaluate their needs and values, guide them to look at social issues from a business perspective, frame tricky problems and solutions in a profit and loss context, and build community connections so they can address issues in a meaningful way.

Group Training + Facilitation

We provide training and facilitation to groups on topics including poverty, discrimination, inclusion, workplace conflict, mental models, bias, retention, collaboration, and compassionate listening. At times conflicts can arise during training that had been buried or dismissed. Because of this, Wicked Bridges brings an experienced mediation background to each group, a skillset that is invaluable in fostering solutions-based dialogue. With options ranging from a one-hour talk to whole-day engagements, trainings can be useful for employees, leaders, executive teams, and community groups of all kinds.

Panels + Presentations

Bringing with them decades of experience speaking on a variety of topics and serving on panels across the country, Wicked Bridges consultants are available to speak at community events, corporate events, and conferences. Though popular speeches include discussions of discrimination, racism, poverty, privilege, retention, reentry, collaboration, and business opportunities, we prefer to customize talks to meet the needs of your organization, working in advance to discern the identity and desires of each unique audience.


Wondering what it’s like to work with Wicked Bridges to solve a wicked problem? See what past clients have to say about Will’s expertise and approach:

“Will Osmun is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely consultative, an amazing listener and a compassionate leader. I had the pleasure of working as a consultant on a couple of projects with Will and enjoyed his ability to connect both internal and external stakeholders to create programs and services of high value to all involved.”  — Ellen H. Levey, Managing Director, Elevate Consulting LLC

“Working with Will can best be described as refreshing. It’s an opportunity to work alongside someone who understands and recognizes the challenges that are at play with regards to inequities for the marginalized communities in our country, in particular communities of color. Will has a heart for and a desire to engage in the very difficult work of trying to disrupt and yet understand systems and structures that have played a role in the marginalization of communities in the urban core. He is someone who operates with a tremendous amount of empathy and understands the importance of dignity as it pertains to the human condition.” – Joe Jones, President and CEO of Grand Rapids Urban League, Grand Rapids City Commissioner

Interested in hearing more? Reach out and we’ll tailor a program to your needs.